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Welcome to Nations Changers, A Non-Profit Organization      Tel: 845 363 1590

Nations Changers Inc. is a non-profit corporation.  Our goal is to promote a love in youth for the sciences as well as mathematics.  We are using chess as the main vehicle to help our students develop the power of concentration as well as analytic and critical reasoning so that they can improve their tests scores, especially in Mathematics-- which is our main focus.  

According to Gary Kasporov “More than any other game, chess has the potential to transform a child. If taught correctly, chess can be a student's driving force, helping him/her in every aspect of critical thinking development.”

Here at Nations Changers we agree with Kasporov 100%.   Chess helps to promote academic excellence.  When a child plays competitive chess, that child has to engage his brain to remember the 64 squares of the chessboard,  The the names of the pieces, their worth, and how they move.  He has to mentally study and remember certain chess theories such as: proper opening, middle, and endgame.  After learning these chess theories, they then have to systematically plan how they are going to successfully develop their pieces to checkmate their opponent, thus engaging the power of planning, strategy, and focus.

 Chess also instantly teaches children life principles.  When a wrong move is made in chess it cannot be taken back and often results in the loss of the game; so chess also promotes accountability.

A chess player has to analyze his opponent’s position and his own position, and thoughtfully process what would be his best move to gain an advantage.  At Nations Changers we have a group of staff who has the expertise to teach chess the right way.  We also have an International Chess Master (IM) who provides  chess lectures to our students.  We have the willingness to impart and the ability and love to positively impact a young person’s life.   

Currently, we run a FREE chess program in the libraries in Putnam County each summer and a after-school chess and math programs at our facility during the school year.  Your donation whether small or large will help to empower these Youth.  DONATE today and positively impact a child’s life forever.


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